“I love these ideas. I love this book. Make sure you read it but, even more importantly, make sure you use the ideas. And then pass it on to somebody you want to inspire”

Henry Stewart, Chief Happiness Officer, Happy / Author: Happy Manifesto


"I challenge you not to be inspired by Superengaged. This is not just a book, it’s a radical, revolutionary, whoop in the face of the outdated presumptions that fuel a demoralising corporate life, and strangle productivity. But there’s no abstract theory here, Propellernet is living and breathing this revolution every day and succeeding in spades on their terms. Easy to read, and full of examples, stories and practical suggestions of how you can start to move towards a superengaged company culture in your business."

Ann Booth-Clibbon, BAFTA nominated Story Coach


"If you run an agency beg, borrow, steal or even buy a copy of Superengaged. I wish Propellernet had existed during my agency career. I'd have joined without question, assuming they'd have me"

Chris Merrington, Founder, Spring 80:20 / Author: Why do smart people make such stuipid mistakes?


“Propellernet is the UK’s answer to Zappos. Nick as many of their ideas as you possibly can.”

Lisa pantelli, Founder, Become Communications


“Easy to read, and full of examples, stories and practical suggestions of how you can start to move towards a superengaged company culture in your business. Having been inspired to follow my dreams by Propellernet and especially Nikki, this book is an incredibly helpful go-to reference for anyone looking to do “different”. Highly recommended”

Chris Farthing, Founder & Managing Director, Advice Cloud


"Do you want to run a business that your staff can't wait to get up and come to every morning? If it's a yes, it will probably take about 15 years, loads of false starts and a brush with bankruptcy before it all falls into place. Conversely, you could read, 'Super Engaged' and get a painfully honest account of how Propellornet became a business led by purpose and people whilst making a tonne of money in the process. Propellernet not only have the t-shirt, they were the ones that printed it, marketed it and sold it globally - do yourself a favour and grab a copy."

Declan Cassidy, Head of Impact, MakerClub


"Nikki Gatenby is a force to be reckoned with. Her drive, purpose and integrity are infused in this book from start to finish. If you want to know how to create a a successful start up and how to fail forwards and upwards, let Nikki tell you how. A must read!"

Rifa Thorpe Tracey, Mentor and She Says Curator


“Purpose is as important to businesses of the future as revenues are today. Propellernet are literally living that future today, and best of all they show you how it’s done.”

neil witten, Co-Founder Storystream & Do Something Different


“An energetic argument for the business case of a happy team. Written with inspirational brio and pace, it makes you want to jump up and start making changes right away.”

Eugenie Teasley, CEO The Goodall Foundation


"Nikki’s book details the journey to becoming one of the leading UK places to work. The approach is humble, self-depreciating and very readable. It’s not a run-down of how we ‘got it all right’, actually quite the opposite and full of top tips on building a business from scratch. A real triumph!"

Emma Cleary, Director Ten 2 Two


"This captures the essence of what has made Propellernet such a success. Their mission is to Make Life Better. Through this book they have found a way of doing just that for every other business owner wise enough to read it. I challenge any senior leader not to take something tangible they can immediately apply from its pages.”

Simon Breed, Founder, Managing Director, Twenty CZ, New Zealand


"SUPERENGAGED is the missing manual when it comes to running a happy, profitable agency. From the dreamball machine and the bloated keyhole, to 'profit vampires' and '60 precious seats' – SUPERENGAGED is packed with practical, tactical ideas – all road tested by a super-successful agency."

Ian Harris,  Founder, Agency Hackers