Engagement Toolkit Videos

There are so many simple, easy, quick wins you can put in place to have a measurable, provable impact on your engagement levels in your team. It’s about going out there and putting it into action.

Here’s three simple approaches for you to try.

We’d love to know how you get on. And if you’d like to chat about how to improve the engagement levels within your business, do get in touch at superengaged@propellernet.co.uk



How to improve engagement through better communication

Clear communication is a key driver to engagement. How do you know what you’ve communicated to your audience has been heard – and understood?

Watch this 1:32 minute video to nail it every time.



How to improve engagement through pulling together

Working together can be both fun and challenging. You know what puts the wind in your sails, you know what drags you back. This simple and effective exercise can help you ‘out’ this as a team understand what more effective all round.

Watch this 1:44 minute video to be able to put on an Olympic team performance.



How to improve engagement through clear priorities

There’s always work to be done. Knowing what’s going to be most impactful and what can be a quick win is great for engagement.

Watch this 1:48 minute video to get rid of your thankless tasks and focus on your impactful projects.