Bloody hell! Superengaged has been shortlisted for Business Book of the Year!

I had no idea what the reaction would be to SUPERENGAGED; the book about Propellernet - how to transform business performance by putting people and purpose first. Or, in other words, ‘how to have a riot at work’.

Three months on from the launch in October 2018 and we’ve been inundated with an avalanche of positive feedback from all over the world. From all corners of the UK, to  Australia, New Zealand, America, Europe, the Netherlands…all getting in touch to share the positive impact that SUPERENGAGED has had on their working lives. We’ve had more thank yous that we could ever have imagined. Knowing we’re helping others is a real boost, it’s been humbling and inspiring all at once.

And now SUPERENGAGED has been shortlisted in the HR & Management category for the Business Book of the Year award!  We’re alongside, Mind Tools for Managers – James Manktelow & Julian Birkinshaw, The Learning Imperative – Mark Burns & Andy Griffith, Accelerated Leadership Development – Ines Wichert, Data-Driven HR – Bernard Marr. What a line up to be part of!

The whole idea behind SUPERENGAGED was to address the global crisis of engagement at work - something needs to change in the charge to help solve the big problems we have on this planet.

We’ve created the book to be a practical toolkit to create change, written from first-hand, practitioner experience, not theory. Every single idea, suggestion and example has been played out in real life and can have a positive impact on life at work.

We’ve also explored what didn’t work, in equal measure, to shortcut learning – it’s a candid, frank, real account of our journey to help other people dealing with the tough stuff. The feedback to date is that people have valued our honesty, so we’re glad we took the leap to include the stories we still cringe about, as well as the high five moments.

The purpose of SUPERENGAGED was to make the ripple effect of Propellernet’s business philosophy, to ‘Make Life Better’, go beyond the walls of the agency and into the wider world. So, imagine what we could do by having more people engaged in what they do every day.

  • At a company level, if your people are more engaged, their performance rises and if you charge appropriately for the impact, profits naturally rise too.  But it’s not only performance that rises.

  • Happy people tend to want to stay in a role and spend less time avoiding things they don’t want to do, because they are engaged in their work – so the 100% of the salary you’re paying them is going into positive outcomes.

  • Engaged people are able to think more expansively, come up with more connected ideas, collaborate better than unengaged people – so your innovation rises.

  • And happy people tend not to be actively looking to leave – they may well get headhunted, but staff turnover rates benefit from better engagement, as your team enjoy what they’re doing.

More profit, less waste, more innovation, less turnover. I’d say every business on the planet would snap your arm off for that.

Having seen, heard and felt the avalanche of positive feedback from the book, our ambition is growing…if more people had the opportunity to read and follow the advice in this book, we could create a wave of change in levels of global engagement.

And if we are more engaged in solving problems, creating solutions and innovating in our worlds, we could enable a brighter future for future generations, enabling them to enjoy this planet we inherited, not the one we have done so much to destroy.

So thank you to Lucy McCarraher, founder of the Business Book awards for creating this environment for authors to spread the word. By being shortlisted in the HR & Management category, we would have an incredible platform to shout even louder and help more people, globally.

That’s got to be only a good thing.

nikki gatenby