It’s here! I’ve spent the last year and a half writing and refining it, and today, I’m delighted, excited, nervous and pretty bloody chuffed to announce that SUPERENGAGED is now available to buy! We’re launching with a special deal of just £15 until midnight tonight (RRP £30).


SUPERENGAGED is your chance to change your workplace culture and make a difference. It’s about putting people and purpose first and being brave enough to keep them at the heart of your business plan, even when times get tough.

To mark the launch of SUPERENGAGED, we commissioned a study in partnership with employee engagement and communications consultancy, Become Communications, the results of which highlight the significant employee engagement gap that still exists within UK SMEs.

According to our research, two thirds of senior managers (64%) within UK SMEs believe their staff feel valued. Yet less than half of non-managerial SME employees (46%) told us that they feel valued at work. In fact, the study showed that almost a quarter of SME employees (24%) are disengaged.

That disconnect between leadership and employee perspectives was something that we experienced at Propellernet too. The first time we ran our employee engagement survey, Culture Catalyst, with then somehow, we found that our leadership team experienced higher levels of engagement than the rest of the team.

Listening, engaging and acting helped us to make our people happier, and we’ve been working hard to keep doing this ever since.

And while we’re fervent advocates of putting people and purpose first, only 12% of managers in our study listed employee engagement as a business priority. Which means that most aren’t thinking seriously enough about how much better their companies could be doing if everyone was more engaged.

If you’re looking to drive more profit in your business, you should take your employee engagement figures as seriously as your margins.

SUPERENGAGED maps our bumpy, bonkers journey at Propellernet. An experimental ride of challenging traditional command and control business culture, of being bullish enough to commit to a no exit strategy, of creating a potent, superengaged team and of sticking to our guns no matter how tempting better trodden roads were. 

We’re living proof that business performance improves when you treat your people like, well, people. Some business leaders believe that this can harm the bottom line, but this a misinformed theory. At Propellernet, we have managed to triple our margin, quadruple revenue and generate ten times more profit - proving beyond all doubt that putting people first creates genuine success.

SUPERENGAGED shares all the practical advice that would have helped us to do better, faster, and avoid some epic fails along the way.

Our journey has been a blast so far, and we’re still learning. Yours will be different, but we hope you’ll have just as much fun along the way, and that you can use SUPERENGAGED to build a healthier, happier, more profitable business.

Whatever your company’s size, shape or sector, SUPERENGAGED will help you feel confident about what employee engagement means and how to improve it. So, if you’re ready to turn your people into your biggest ambassadors and live out your values whilst driving a healthy profit, then yes, this is the book for you.

nikki gatenby